Company Formation in Sweden

Business in Sweden

ELC AB is specialized in helping foreign individuals and companies to establish businesses in Sweden.We create companies, handle registrations at the relevant authorities in Sweden and do accounting, payroll, invoicing tax returns etc.We also provide general information regarding different practical things you need to do in relation to Sweden. With our tax lawyers, you will also have a perfect combination when setting up a business in Sweden.


Limited Liability Company

A limited company can sign agreements, have employees and own things. A limited company becomes a legal entity when it is registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

Sole Trader

A trading company is a company that has two or more partners, ie partners. In a trading company, the partners are personally responsible for the company’s agreements and liabilities.

Limited partnership

A limited partnership must always have two or more partners, at least one general partner and one limited partner. The general partner is personally responsible for the company’s agreements and liabilities.

Which stock exchanges are available for the sale of companies in Sweden?

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