About Us

ELC AB is a full service business law firm, established in 2006 in Sweden.

The Company offers a varied range of services within international law and all areas of law in Sweden. It provides the highest-quality legal representation for complex international commercial arbitrations.

We offer full legal and bookkeeping support of Your company in Sweden.

Our geography keeps expanding, too: we render full legal support in Russia, Finland, Latvia and USA.

Just give us a call if you need legal support.

Foreign Desks

Our Foreign desks bring together specialists from various areas of expertise with specific language skills and extensive knowledge and experience of legal systems, trade and industry and culture in RUSSIA and USA of doing business in each market.

Russian desk

Our Russian desk team is composed of experts specialized in different legal areas and with experience in various industrial branches. The team members have obtained extensive knowledge and experience in doing business with Russia, by working successfully with both international and Russian clients. We can also help you to understand the Russian business culture and legal system by having a dual-qualified lawyer speaking fluent Swedish, English and Russian.

USA desk

Our expert Rod Tuvaev, Counsel on Export Control, Sanction & Trade Compliance

Rod provides guidance on export controls, sanctions and international trade rules.

Conducts Sanction Due Diligence, audits for Russian and foreign companies of sanctions in export-import transactions, develops and implements policies, processes and procedures to ensure compliance with sanctions and international trade rules and regulatory compliance with US and European Union export rules.